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Roofing Services in Croydon, Surrey

With their extremely important purposes, it is essential all property roofs are installed correctly, repaired when necessary and maintained regularly to ensure maximum safety and protection of your property. At Harwoods Handmade, we provide a full range of roofing services to the properties throughout Surrey, installing and carrying out maintenance work to upkeep a correct, safe roofing condition.

Our team has been working with roofing for many years, and, therefore, have significant experience in all roofing services, allowing us to provide the highest quality service every time.

Roofing repairs in Surrey from Harwoods Handmade

For many, damaged roofing is often brought to their attention through signs such as flaky ceiling plaster, slipped slates or damp patches on the upstairs ceilings. We advise all customers experiencing a potential roofing issue to seek assistance from a professional team like ourselves as quickly as possible. This will allow your roof to be intricately inspected, which will follow with the detection of any faults, leaving you with an understanding of the seriousness of the damage and whether this can be repaired or not.

Commonly, old roofs tend to lack the necessary underneath protection, leaving the property much more susceptible to leakages and internal heat loss. With this, we strongly advise all homeowners to maintain the condition of their roof, in order to prevent higher energy consumption, as well as damaging leaks which could be highly costly to repair.

Your local roofing experts

At Harwoods Handmade, we have extensive roofing expertise, allowing us to assess if a roof can be repaired or requires a replacement. With this, we put great emphasis on ensuring all customers are fully aware that our team will always work out what is best for you. We will never suggest replacing a roof that could be repaired, and always provide each customer with all of their repair options once their inspection has taken place.

Are you looking for a roofing specialist? Why not give our team at Harwoods Handmade in Surrey a call today on 07432688830 where we can provide you with extensive information on our roofing services, and arrange a call out that suits you.

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